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"One who smells the dust of the grave of the Most Beloved Messenger of Allah would not need to smell any other perfume in his life."

The Blessed Sandal

In Arabic, the Holy Prophet’s sawsmall sandal is known a Na’al. The Na’layn are the blessed sandals of the Messenger sawsmall which were used by him sawsmall during his sawsmall life. Here, we show some of the benefits one can be blessed with by keeping and honouring ourselves with a copy of the sacred Na’layn - not the actual or original Blessed sandal of our Messenger sawsmall but a cut-out paper copy or something similar.

Our Objectives
  • Raise awareness of the knowledge of the blessed sandals.
  • Become the portal for all things related to the blessed sandals.
  • Provide resources on the Prophet Muhammad sawsmall
  • Provide resources and material on the true, peaceful nature of Islam.
Our Products
  • We have designed and manufactured a beautiful set of accessories inspired by the silhouette of the Blessed Prophet’s sawsmall sandals.
  • Our logo's and representation of the blessed sandals are unique and designed by our in-house creative designers.
  • We are always looking for products related to the blessed sandals.
  • All our products are available for wholesale, so please feel free to contact us.

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