Breezes of The Elect
Breezes of The Elect
Breezes of The Elect
Breezes of The Elect
Breezes of The Elect
Breezes of The Elect

Breezes of The Elect

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Breezes of the Elect is a new collection of classical qaṣā’id, finely translated and beautifully designed.
All poems consist of Arabic script, English translation and transliteration.


  • The Burdah
  • The Muḍariyyah
  • The Muḥammadiyyah
  • The Shimmering Light
  • Collection of 63 Qaṣā’id
  • Introduction and full title of the book by Ḥabīb Kāẓim as-Saqqāf
  • Intentions of the Munshid (singer of praise) by Ḥabīb ʿUmar b. Ḥafīẓ
  • Intentions of the Drummer
  • Intentions of the Gathering
  • Closing Dua
  • Blurb by Shaikh Yaḥyā Rhodus and Shaikh Aḥmad Bābikar

Our intentions for compiling this book are to inspire an increase in love, knowledge, connection and obedience towards the Prophet ﷺ, by the comprehension of the poems through their English translations.

User-friendly text layout and design
Little or no page turning required per
qaṣīda or chapter. Allowing readers to have a greater distraction free experience, whilst also making it easier for drum players to play. Due to the layout of the text, all the mentioned content fits into just 199 pages, making it light and usable too.
Additionally, stop signs have also been placed at the end of each
qaṣīda, choruses are emboldened, and every couplet has been marked with a glyph of alternating lightness and darkness, making it easy to continually jump between chorus and verse.

New, clear English translations in easy to grasp language
We worked closely with a team of translators to help express the meanings of the
qaṣā’id in clear, easy to grasp language. Although no translation will match the original work, these translations should hopefully help the reader get a better sense of what the original author intended.

Designed to be used as a functioning songbook
We wanted to create something that would be used in gatherings, could have notes written on and marked according to the readers preference. Although much care was placed on the cover and internal design, our aim was to create something that readers would want to use and take with them on a daily basis.

Sacred spiritual poetry is intended to soften our hearts and remind us of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. We have the opportunity through this blessed collection to resemble the Companions who recited poetry directly before our Prophet ﷺ.
May Allah Most High place abundant blessings in this endeavour and make it a means for us to experience the reality of the blessed words found in these poems.
Shaikh Yaḥyā Rhodus

In a time where people are frantically seeking a spiritual condition through which they can live a peaceful life, the continuous distraction of a fast-paced society, together with a bombardment of technology, social media and the material leads to occupying the hearts and minds of many.
The escape route can be found in the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ . However, the best way possible which requires no teaching or explanation is to listen to the poems that have been written and compiled by the scholars over many generations.
In these poems are spiritual messages that can uplift the listeners, encouraging personal growth. This collection of varied poems from different regions of the Muslim world are sang and listened to in many gatherings of the scholars and broadcast by most Islamic networks that are listened to today.
It is indeed a fantastic collection with translation and transliteration, for those who understand Arabic and those who don’t.
Shaikh Aḥmad Bābikar