Monthly Archives: August 2011

New Nalayn Collection launches

Our range of unique products makes us a leading supplier of Nalayn accessories. Our lineup includes 7 styles of lapel pins with a clutch of safety pin fastening and 5 styles of broaches with stones embedded on them. Our signature classic product is still very popular – The boxed Nalayn gift set consisting of a Continue Reading

Translation of a unique poster

I've seen this poster twice in the past few years and have been curious what is actally says. My dear Brother and Hafiz Naveed Iqbal of Nottngham, accepted our facebook challenge to get this transalated – JazakhAllah Brother Naveed. Hence, we have taken the transalation and designed our very own poster which you can see Continue Reading

Complete redesign of

Our website has been redesigned completely to cater for our growing customer base and increasing product line. Our objectives for the site are: Raise awareness of the knowledge of the blessed sandals. Become the portal for all things related to the blessed sandals. Provide resources on the Prophet Muhammad صلي الله عليه و سلم Provide Continue Reading